filter media

J.R. Schneider Filter Media is specifically engineered for use with today’s complex coolant packages and product mixes in order to maximize production efficiency. High dirt holding capacity, reduced media usage, and improved coolant clarity characterize every Schneider Filter Media.


Recommended for filtration of fine particulates found in honing, lapping, polishing, and whenever the debris is less than 5µm.

S-500 Series

Cellulose/polypropylene nonwoven fibers which have been specifically engineered to provide a high degree of particle removal with extended life for coolants and emulsions used in D&I can-making and hot rolling industries.

S-375 LMP

100% polypropylene filtration media for cold rolling, using a SMS construction. The middle layer of melt-blown fiber makes this media the best available septum for filtering mineral oil base coolants using a cake of ACTI-CEL R®.


A member of the PowerLOFT® family. Ideal for filtering coolants used in metal machining, grinding, drilling, honing, lapping and polishing.


Consists of polypropylene microfibers sandwiched between two layers of spunbond polypropylene. MicroCLEAN® captures your smallest particles, providing the cleanest possible coolant.


Ideal for filtering coolants used for honing and polishing when clarity is critical.


A spun bonded polyester media that is used in numerous filtration applications for its extensive purity, strength, and quality. Composed of continuous filament fibers, and no edge raveling and fraying that might weaken the fabric during indexing.

Cartridge Discs

Designed to be used in J.R. Schneider’s Model DH Bypass Filter, the disposable filter discs are available in a wide variety of filter materials.

Parker Fulflo® Pro-Bond Cartridges

Have a unique, proprietary two-stage filtration design to maximize particle removal and service life in viscous fluid filtration applications.