Reemay® filter media is commonly used in pressure/vacuum and gravity filters. Reemay®

filter media consists of spunbonded polyesters, which are composed of continuous filament fibers. It has optimal wet strength and chemical resistance, is inherently clean and contains no additives or binders that could compromise the coolant solutions.
Spunbond polyester

  • Continuous filament construction to minimize fiber migration and add strength
  • No binders to limit filtering area
  • Thermally and ultrasonically seal-able


Units Weight
Mullen Burst
Grap Tensile
[MD x DC]
Frazier Air Perm
(l/m²/s@124 Pa)
English .04-6 5 -32 9-99 [9×7]-[126×100] 166-1400
Metric 14-203 0.13-0.81 62-681 [41×32]-[567×450] 845-7110